Fairhaven SealThe name says it all ! Once a "Fair Haven" for the great whaling fleet, Today it's a "Fair Haven" for a fishing fleet, a marine repair industry and a large recreational sailing and boating community. Fairhaven shares the west side of the harbor both north and south of the barrier protecting the New Bedford/ Fairhaven harbor.

41 deg 37 min 28 sec North, 070 deg 54 min 21 sec West

A well marked 8-mile approach, on the northwestern side of Buzzards Bay, guides you through the two massive gates that flank the 150 foot opening of the Hurricane Barrier into a well protected New Bedford-Fairhaven Inner Harbor... The 4,600 foot long barrier protects the the town of Fairhaven on the east, and the city of New Bedford on the west...

The Harbormaster welcomes all to the waters of Fairhaven. We ask you do so in a safe and environmentally respectful manner. Pump-Out Service is available on Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 1PM. Call on Channel 9 during those periods to schedule a Pump-Out. For recreational boats in Fairhaven waters only. We also ask that everyone respect speed and wake regulations at all times. Fairhaven as noted shares the west side of the New Bedford Harbor. We enjoy access to many repair facilities able to repair large vessels with several marinas available to boaters. Several Marina’s offer fuel for vessels including gas and diesel. Restaurants are plentiful with several within easy walking distance. Fairhaven has a courtesy dock for small vessels available for people wishing to visit the town to see the great architecture and restaurants.

Some items to note, anchorage within the harbor north of the barriers and south of the swing bridge is prohibited on the Fairhaven side of the harbor. You may anchor north of the swing bridge for short periods on the Fairhaven side.

The City of New Bedford offers a water launch/taxi service on the Fairhaven side of the Harbor and to points on the New Bedford side of the harbor. They can be contacted on Channel 9 by calling the Pope’s Island Marina or by dialing 508989-1328.

Hope to see you soon, be safe!

Capt. Joshua Slocum
Fairhaven, MA
sailed around the world in 1895

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